Life Book 2016 Blog&Hop Winner

Hello all,

I have been busy traveling lately, I needed to get away and see different sights, and I have desided to go to Savannah Georia. It is beautiful here, but raining. And so it seams that we don’t always draw a lucky hand when we pick something. I remember when I went away on vacations and the weather turned out to be beautiful, how fortunate I felt. But this time I knew something was amiss. It started by missing my plane, and now the storms, and the hurricane is on the way and it will hit just about when I am supose to be flying back. But I travel, because I love adventure, and so I got it. Just like with everything, I try to appretiate no matter what life sends my way.

And now for the winner, it’s Cody Doll – conrgatulatons Cody, and I hope you have a wonderful year with Life Book creating.

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