The Big Stir

There is this idea floating around in my head that says, live your life in a question. I have heard this phrase many times, in a yoga class, or reading something about how to live our life. I always wondered about it. It means that we should not search for the answers, we let the question dissolve into our daily routine. Maybe we just ask for something, and then we let it be. When we are ready, it will come to us.

But I also took that meaning to impact how I create. I know that sometimes I have an idea in my head and then I try to follow it to a T, but when I let it loosely just flow in my mind, I do not take any particular direction, sometimes, something beautiful and unexpected unfolds, sometimes, I can surprise myself. And that is what I call painting in a question. But even that, that meaning could be a little disorienting, because just the word question would almost demand an answer, it’s a really tricky place to reside in.

And the other day I had a premonition. What if it was not a question, but faith. What if it was much more subtle than that, and I let all my expectation just dissolve into a loving heart of believing that everything will just turn out ok, if I step into whatever I do wholeheartedly, and patiently, instead of rushing for the outcome? With prayer, maybe down on my knees, it does not mean that I give up all my will, but I let go of all my barriers to live and create. And That is not easy for me.

Faith TheBigStir

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