My New Year’s Resolution Page – my gift to you

IMG_0840First – Creating our sacred space

I wanted to do something special for New Years. I really want this coming year start of right, even if the excitement inevitably dwindles down as fast as tears before, it might still be very well remembered. I am not very good at sticking with the program, but I realize it, and maybe seeing it will help me change, and this coming year I have decided that I am not going let disappointments and small set backs drag me down anymore. After all, just because something does not fly, it does not mean it was a bad idea, it might just need few adjustments.  If I thought of it, it must be worth something – hmm, that’s the spirit.

And so, every page starts with a little preparation, but a New Year’s Page deserves a little more attention.

I started at least a week ahead, actually, the idea was brewing for some time. I thought, what is it really that I want to change? I was getting little ideas floating around in my head, but the time when I can see more clearly is when I meditate. I have space in my studio that is set up  for that reason. Any time I need to quiet my mind, I just sit on my cushion and try to be still and take few deep breath to just quiet my mind. It’s really amazing what happens. Underneath all that noise and clutter, the clearer intentions and visions arise.

For your quiet space, you can just use a cushion, candle and maybe few flowers or whatever inspires you. You might also take a notebook and pen with you for to jot down any ideas that arise. I find that if I forget to do that, later on they don’t seam to be so clear or I forget them altogether. Ones you settle into your comfortable seated position, take few deep breath and try to relax. Let your body and mind settle in and just bring your awareness to you breath.

The first part of our meditation is Gratitude – think about all the things that are already present in your life that you are grateful for. You can make a small mental list. No need to rush this, take your time.

Then think of all the love that is already present in your life, feel it right around your heart. For some of us it might not seams so real, but if you can just imagine what it would feel like is enough. Imagine your self being filled with Love.

The Third Step is to share that Love –  imagine sharing that love with everyone around you. Be a giver of love.

And the last step is visualizing the things that you want happening or manifesting right at this moment. What ever you would like to happen or whatever you would love to have, your heart’s desire, imagine what it would feel like to have it, right now, not in the future.

After this short meditation, bring your attention to your breath again, and sit with this experience for a moment or two, then write down in your notebook anything you need to share from this for your journal page.


Now it’s time to create our journal page.

You will need your journal. any size, hopefully with at least a 60lbs paper, for mixed media.

Pencil, araser

watercolors, inks or acrylics, gesso

brushes, water, paper towels

stencils, stamps

any pictures that you would like to add to the page

your favorite writing or inspiration page

black and white pen for doodles at the end, they could also be colored pens

your notebook for ideas to write in your journal.

Now watch my videos.

The first part and the most important one for our page is to set our intention for next year. With your pencil, designate spaces of any shape and size on your page, give them headings that represent the things that are important in your life. Then use your notebook with your ideas from the meditation in it to write your intentions down. It can also include things that you would like to change, that no longer serve you.

The videos are only meant for inspiration, you don’t have to follow them closely. Your page does not have to be finished in one day. I am always amazed how much I change my page in the process of creating it. Your journal is for you to create and play with your ideas. It is not meant to be perfect, it is for you to see and get inspiration from. You can use it for future reference or add to it any time you like. I still have pages from previous years that inspire me to change them or add to them, and they also help me see the progress I made.

Have a wondrous New Year.


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