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I have been dreaming a long time about designing this course, it’s all about how I like to paint and create. It always starts with an idea that wants to come to life on a canvas. It can be a certain look on a face, a hand might be positioned just this way, the hair that drapes the face and spills into the background.

This course has three parts that can be purchased separately and work on their own, or can be purchased as a complete package.

Part one – Expressive faces

– we will start with sketches to play with a proportion of a face in different positions, different looks and eye expressions. Then we will paint a face in with a simple palate choosing only three colors, which include black and white, to learn how the tone creates shape and correct proportions of a face. Next we will choose another face to learn how to create an extensive pallet of choosing only 5 or 6 colors. We will also learn how to use color theory to create vibrant lifelike composition of a face that has depth.

Part two – Expressive hands

– In a similar fashion with which we created faces, we will learn how to build a lifelike hand with sketches and paint. First we start with making an extensive vocabulary of hand positions to become familiar with a movement of a hand. Then we will choose couple different hand positions. Painting a hand is much like painting a face, you will learn how to build layers of color to create depth and vibrancy of a hand.

Part three – Express everything

and in this part we will put it all together, first start will a playful background and create some layers to see if it will spark an idea or a story we want to tell, we can also use journalling and certain prompts, or look at pictures for inspiration. We will use the idea or a story to build a composition of a face with a hand or what ever else might need to be included. We will learn how to create a whole painting using color, composition and background together to tell our story.


To purchase all three classes together or see more info visit Expressions.

13 thoughts on “Expressions

  1. I really want to take the faces part of the course-but I am in the middle of 2 other courses also. Would I be able to save or access the material after class is done? Thank you for your help- looks like such a useful and wonderful class!


  2. Hi There! Above your site says “To purchase all three classes together or see more info visit Expressions” but the link is not hooked up and I wanted to see more info. For one does the two years start from the day you purchase the class? Sorry, my previous classes have been lifetime access so I don’t know how this works. Thank you! 🙂


    • Hi, I have just tested the links to purchase and they have been working for me, I think you might have to scroll down the page to see it? Also, the class will have a lifetime access, even though I don’t like to say that because I think 2 years is long enough to complete it and also, who know what will happen to all this lets say in 10 years, but figuratively speaking it will be on indefinitely, hope this helps.


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