My New Online Course

Expressions Class from Renata Loree on Vimeo.

Expressions.jpgI have been working on this now for three days, trying to really put attention to every little detail on how it will run. I would like to give an option to purchase individual subparts, to the would course, which I think will be lot of fun. If you are already good at drawing and painting hands and faces, please, jump right into Expressing Everything. If you would like to only work on hands, because that is not your strength, then do just Expressive hands course. Or you can purchase Expressive Faces and Hands together. All the detail are below.

You can purchase the complete class for $75   The registration is now closed till April 1st

The Class will start with Expressive Faces – March 15

Expressive Hands – March 22

Express Everything – March 29

If you are interested in joining a Facebook group for sharing your work and getting feedback, it will be included.

I hope you will join me in March

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