Daydream Workshop in Sunny Estoril, Portugal 


With Olga Furman

And Renata Loree


Dates: Sat June 11 – Thu June 16 2017

6 days $1200


The price for the workshop is for the use of Art Paradise large studio that accommodates 15 people. We can use the studio inside or the terrace, and also the gardens and Tent that surround the house. The kitchen is fully equipped to prepare quick snack or lunch, coffee and tea available as well. We can explore the local markets an sites and walk down to the beach. We will take one day trip to Lisbon, where we can draw more inspiration for our creativity and take an opportunity to become more familiar with the surrounding culture and people that live in this vibrant culturally rich environment.

Students are responsible for their transportation, meals and accommodations. One day trip to Lisbon is included in your price. We will also provide you with your canvas. The studio has brushes, pencils and sketch paper, but we recommend bringing your own paints that you are familiar with.

Please visit the site Art Paradice Portugal, for more information and accommodations. The studio accommodates 5 people to sleep in shared rooms for a very reasonable price, but they are hotels around available. You can contact me with any questions you need answered at


This is an intense and high energy workshop with much to offer to all student/artists levels, but you might want to look into our artwork to decide if this is what you want to learn.

We will teach you how to paint an illusion, a dreamy surrealistic and soulful artwork from your own heart, and create art that tells a story.

We’re going to work on canvas and in journals, with acrylics, inks and some dry media.(full art supply list will be  provided at check out)

As for now the workshop planned as described below, but it could change slightly.

We are going to work on two canvases that we will rotate with each subject change. This will give you more opportunity to learn the same subject from two different perspective. At the end of the workshop you will have two separate works of art, probably completely different.

Day 1


  1. Mapping the features and learning proportions of face

2. Tips and “tricks” for easy “reading” of the reference for applying different values

3. Learning a technique which helps to transform a sketch into a monochromatic painting

Day 2

Painting Backgrounds

Explore and experiment with different techniques to create interesting backgrounds that achieve depth and perspective.

Learn about elements of art and apply it into our backgrounds.

We will share with you my favorite palette and together we will find your palette or discover

a new one! We are going to use different mediums and unexpected tools to create our marks!

Day 3

Exploring Lisbon for inspiration

Sketching on premises in our journals and taking photos for future reference

Day 4


1. Learn principles of design and apply it in into composition, while sketching it in our journals

2. Find and make your own references and mold it into your composition

3. Choose two compositions from journals and sketch it into backgrounds from day 2

4. Creative an intuitive background from the freedom of your creative flow and then choose key areas for your composition.

Day 5


We’re going to paint our soul out!

Olga will teach you how to create a soft, dreamy and mysterious atmosphere,

and how to make your painting interesting and remarkable by using different techniques.

Renata will show you how to create a character story in your artwork and then add other ellements to make it more interesting and vibrant.

Day 6

Tile painting with instructor and host Margarida

Open studio with my full assistance

Optional Day 7 – 8

Stay for 2 more days to work on your projects with our guidance.

You can stay for 6 days or 8. We have an early bird option to sign up at a discount, after March 14 the price will increase to &1200 for 6 days and $1450 for 8 days.

6 Days $1,200.00 USD


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