The Expressions Class is back on sale

I feel like I have been literally buried in a deep  rabbit hole of a cyber space, or maybe a Twilight Zone. I promised everyone that I will be opening my inline workshop for sign up again on April 1st, but for the life of me I could not get the buy button post on my website. I talked to several consultants online to help me with it, tried to cut corners and sign up for different shopping carts, but nothing was the right solution. About 10 past midnight when I was feeling like I was already part of an nightmare, I realize that I was not. I was wide awake and willing to go two more hours to solve the problem, but I also realized that I was just being stuck in a labyrinth I did not know my way out of. So I just decided to pack my things and go to bed.

When I woke up, I made some coffee and of course grabbed my laptop again. I started reading through things, fishing for stuff I have missed. And then it suddenly the solution presented itself. Taking a completely different approach, the solutions are usually simple, and staring us straight in a face. As I finished my small little shop that was always there and I did not even know, I was able to post my class on line again, this time, I did not need a button, and here it is. Please sign up in here if you like.

Expressions Class $75 buy now

I had couple hours yesterday to finish my painting that I will be posting in Stephanie Gagos’s online auction this spring, you can join it in here if you wish.


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