Happy Birthday to Me

Blue Butterfly FairyThat was the first thing I wrote into my journal today, and I am also very excited, because I met my deadline to launch the sign up for my BFF Workshop that is starting on July 16. It will be a whole year of creating and getting really up close and personal with Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers. Three subjects that have always been very dear to me. And so I have decided to put them together. I think what is so wonderful about this is, not only you will have something wonderful to work with, but also you will have a chance or an opportunity to work with colors, blending and composing them together. Learning how composition works on a canvas and also have an opportunity to be really creatively playful, working with different mediums. I wanted to make it into a year of exploration.  And this is the gift I wanted to give myself, this whole years package of exploration.

Now of course you could take only one class at the time, each month, starting July 16, there will be a new Fairy, Butterfly or Flower to work wit, but then, if you want to do all 12, you will get an amazing discount – more then 50%. And to top it of, I will do even better then that, for the next 6 days, because I like 6 so much. (my birthday is today as of 6/16/16), I am selling this workshop for 20% off and, if you share this post on my Facebook post about my workshop, you will enter to win a free spot for the whole year BFF Workshop.

Happy Creating!

more info here

The full workshop is  $150, click here.

To purchase just one workshop at $35, click here

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Happy birthday girl! My birthday is June 25th. We are birthday buddies, lol. I will most definitely take this class but sadly not until July 3rd. Congrats friend!

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  2. Thank you so much dear friend, yay, you are a gemini too :). And thank you so much for the nice write up for the class and sharing, so maybe you will win a spot anyway 🙂 ❤ xx


  3. I joined the class for the year. I was wondering how long is access to the content…is it lifetime access or shorter?
    Is the content downloadable or do we access on your site?
    Thanks, I love fairies, butterflies, and flowers too. They are my favorites.
    Happy birthday too.


  4. Happiest of Birthdays to you ! Hope your day is all you’d like it to be and more. I am sharing this and crossing my fingers that I am fortunate enough to join you in this class !


  5. Signing up as soon as I post this…. hoping to win a spot tho. I have shared it to Facebook and Twitter. This is going to be wonderful…. I have been mesmerized by your fairies, butterflies, and flower paintings.


  6. Do you have the opportunity to create your own composition in this class, or; are the instructions revolved around a copy of your work? I sell all my Art work and always want to create original pieces; even in a class.


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