Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers

I remember when I was growing up in Czech republic, I noticed a lot of butterflies everywhere. I am not sure if it was because I visited my grandmother in the country often, and they were mostly there, on flowers or in the fields, or because I just grew up and I pay more attention to other things. One thing is for sure, I miss the magic and I want to be surrounded by it again. And my workshop starts in 10 days from now, so exciting.

And on top of that, our Heartfull Soul Artist collective I am part of on Facebook is having an Auction dedicated just to the butterflies. It is called Papillon. If you would like to join, it start on July 7th at noon and ends July 8th at noon.


2 thoughts on “Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers

  1. I was wondering if this has sound? It may just be my iPad. I was wondering if there is somewhere you can see the individual classes. I love the big red butterfly you do in your other video is that in a class? Is there a video on butterflies? Is it just the 10 canvases or do you do a study on butterflies? How much in US dollars is it for the whole class? If I decide to take the class and can’t get PayPal resolved is there another way to send you money ? Do you take credit cards or can I send or wire the money? I’ll be calling PayPal today about the paint your heart and soul. I saw the price button went up so I’m not sure how that will work, can I pay 90.00 if it says 125.00. Sorry for so many questions and problems. My bank has made a disaster out of all my accounts. I’ve been with PayPal since I sold scrapbooks on eBay, about 20 years between two accounts. I’ve always been in good standing and now I’m getting a recording saying my account went to collects. Even if my bank blocked them I would think they could of contacted me first. It’s 19.00 in the negative it says, even though it’s another VUDU false charge it may be impossible to pay it and get it fixed since they oppted to send it to collects. It’s a mess, hopefully I can fix it. It’s going to make it hard if not impossible to purchase online without PayPal. Is Olga back from Israel? I didn’t want to bother her on vacation.Thank you Renata.


  2. I think I posted this on a visible website. Sorry, I thought it was going to email it. Please feel free to delete or if I have to let me know how to delete please. Thank you😘


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