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BTCOn days when I don’t get a chance to do much creating, the day goes by fast and then at night I realize I have not touched the brush. I try to make very day a creative day, but not painting makes me feel as if I missed something very important. The night can seam too short to tart a very big project, so sometimes I would just grab my journal and quickly jot down something in or express how I feel with a little paint. This time I decided to start a small painting, maybe something really quick, but still somewhat meaningful to give the day a better punchline. And so this is how this painting got started.

Come and paint with me, you will need – small Cradled box, glue to attach paper, I used Yes! paste, ephemera or magazine clippings, portrait from a magazine that you like, Pumice gel or Matte Medium, large brush, small brush, lining brush.

Colors- Raw Sienna, Magenta, Paynes Gray, Magenta, Alizarin Crimson, Gesso.  Anthraquinone Blue and Hansa Yellow with gesso for the background



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