The Winds of Change Auction

We are starting the New Year with our first auction  – The Winds of Change. And I think its an appropriate title, it makes me think about, how do I want to manifest all the things that I desire in my life. What do I need to do to make it happen? I have been struggling with taking new directions, pushing past boundaries and self limiting beliefs. There is always something to learn and new concepts to uncover. One of my self limiting beliefs is that there is never enough time, and so maybe this year I need to relax a little bit, not to give up, but to see more opportunities and keep an eye on the things that sap my energy and time.

I like this new quote – I try the best, and God takes care of the rest 🙂

Here are my new paintings for our Winds of Change Auction

And here is a preview of some of the paintings from other home artists – Robynne Engel-Pirkle, Lucy Chen, Lara Provost, Annie Hamman, Lora Murphy, Olga Furman, Bianca Garcia and Katrina Koltes.


I you would like to join us, visit us here,

and I hope you have a wonderful start for the New Year!


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