The Rising of Venus

Couple years ago I created a year long online class that delved deeper into finding the symbolism and history of Illuminated Pages from the perspective of art. And in that process I found some truly amazing hidden knowledge that I was not aware of. Well, maybe I should explain, maybe it wasn’t so hidden, but what I thought was, it was just fairy tales. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t fairy tales, but I though it was fairy tales, because it was misunderstood, as it was passed along the ages. The secret knowledge was hidden in symbols that the artists diligently copy in effort to awaken in us a sense of curiosity. Eventually, if you look closer, you will probably ask yourself, just like I did, what do all these symbols mean? Maybe they are taught in college or, but I was never exposed to them.

And so I started my own quest. It is confusing, misleading and very exhausting trail to follow, but one thing I can say, it is never boring. And given mine gemini hyperactive curiosity, I get sidetrack a lot. But lately it is becoming very obvious to me, that if I want to get anywhere with anything, I have to stay focused. Yes, I wanted to write a book about all this, but then I want to paint, I want to learn the tarry, because lot of this knowledge resides there as well. I finally would like to stay tru to one thing that maybe combines all these things together.

 The idea of painting goddesses always appealed to me, and creating iconic portraiture is another passion of mine. What if I connected the story of goddesses to act as a portal to tell an archetypical meaning and combined it with an iconic symbolism. The greek pantheon has long been used by artists as an inspiration to tell a story, and the iconic portraits have been with us since the Egyptian times. I think they could live together to tell the meaning of love, hate, war, time, jealousy, ambition and so on. We will se if I can take on this challenge. Maybe I will call it, an Iconic Creation.

I am always so intrigued by the story of Venus. She arose from the foam, after Kronos (the Time) cut off the testicles of his father and threw them into the ocean, and mind you, Gaia, his mother, was making love to his father at the time, and he was also following her instructions. SO what gives? Who can make and sensible kind of sense out of this, and what is it suppose to teach us? That maybe none of it is really suppose to make any sense, only to realize, that Venus was suppose to be born from chaos to show us, that after all, we can really see all the beauty and love in this world?

The Venus is such an inspiring creature, I have painted her many times and in many forms, after all I am an artist and I get inspired by beauty very easily. And here is another variation.

The Rising of Venus
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