How do I crate?

I have painted all my life, but I have never thought that art would become the main thing that took over. I do not know if this is a refuge, or is t something that I have to do in order to function properly in this life, but from my experience so far, there seams to be no other option then just keep going.
I have learned by watching, listening and tuning in. I used to love to copy and learned from old master painting, but now, I am just looking for my own intuitive voice. I gather all that I know and want to see, and I try to put it on a canvas with paints. I experience with different shapes and colors, and I wait for my muse to move me. I meditate, I sit still, a breathe and sometimes wait patiently to be inspired, to be moved and to hope that I have the strength to stand the current that moves trough me and not back down and become timid to diminish it to something mediocre.

I was bor in Czech Republic, I am a self tough artist and I have started my art adventure by painting portraits for friends. I have studied design, but later on I have left the corporate world in order to become a yoga teacher. For the past 6 years I have devoted most of my time to art, and teaching art classes on line to people all around the world. I am continuously learning and evolving, I would love my artwork to be more expressive, but I think I will alway love to paint a face.

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