Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers Workshop,

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Holiday Special discount, this class is being sold for $75, till the end of the year in here 

Expressions Class from Renata Loree on Vimeo.

I have been dreaming a long time about designing this course, it’s all about how I like to paint and create. It always starts with an idea that wants to come to life on a canvas. It can be a certain look on a face, a hand might be positioned just this way, the hair that drapes the face and spills into the background.

Part one – Expressive faces

we will start with sketches to play with a proportion of a face in different positions, different looks and eye expressions. Then we will paint a face in with a simple palate choosing only three colors, which include black and white, to learn how the tone creates shape and correct proportions of a face. Next we will choose another face to learn how to create an extensive pallet of choosing only 5 or 6 colors. We will also learn how to use color theory to create vibrant lifelike composition of a face that has depth.

Part two – Expressive hands

– In a similar fashion with which we created faces, we will learn how to build a lifelike hand with sketches and paint. First we start with making an extensive vocabulary of hand positions to become familiar with a movement of a hand. Then we will choose couple different hand positions. Painting a hand is much like painting a face, you will learn how to build layers of color to create depth and vibrancy of a hand.

Part three – Express everything and in this part we will put it all together, first start will a playful background and create some layers to see if it will spark an idea or a story we want to tell, we can also use journalling and certain prompts, or look at pictures for inspiration. We will use the idea or a story to build a composition of a face with a hand or what ever else might need to be included. We will learn how to create a whole painting using color, composition and background together to tell our story.

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10 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Will the expressions workshop be available in video to refer to? Or a live stream….. I am not available on those dates. Thanks, BTW really nice style!


  2. Is the expressions class only available as the bundle for $75?
    It says it’s possible to purchase just the Faces expressions but I can’t find any prices on purchasing seperately….can you please tell me the prices?


  3. Hello, can a somewhat of a beginner in realistic portraits take this class and not get too frustrated? I have taken 1 1/2 years of LifeBook and just saw your class and then came to your site and LOVE your artwork!!!


  4. Thank you for your reply. I am seriously considering your expressions class. It looks so interesting and again I LOVE your art!!


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