BFF Workshop

Fairy of AbundanceThis is a year long class. Each month introduces a different Fairy that caries a particular meaning with it. There are several projects in each month and Each week you will receive an assignment to practice different component of painting, different media, substrate or technique or subject that will eventually lead to painting a small canvas. The ideas change each month, but the structure will be similar, we usually learn a different butterfly, sometimes paint a crystal or a new element of a fairy, we usually paint a journal page and at the end in a bonus lesson, we might make a pendant or a clay model fairy. There are so many possibilities to creating and this course is meant just to do that.

Part of each lesson is also an optional inner spiritual work. I will give you some reading on fairies and work with crystals to tune in to our inner wisdom and guides. There are also short meditations and visualizations available.

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The Abundance fairy.jpgThe Fairy of Abundance

This Fairy helps us to connect to our unlimited potential. We start by painting the Malachite butterfly and then move onto a journal page with a malachite fairy and painting the Malachite Crystal.The final painting includes learning how to paint the abundance of roses.

     The Enlthe-enlightenment-fairyightenment Fairy

This Fairy brings light into our lives, and some peace and calm with it. We start by painting a detail of a Sulphur Butterfly, then move on to drawing a clear crystal with all the beautiful colors that reflect in it. Next we paint a journal page with a fairy embracing the  calmness that surrounds her. The final painting is a small canvas with an Enlightenment Fairy flying into a flower holding a crystal

The Banishing Fairy.jpg

The Banishing Fairy

In this month’s lesson you will learn ho to paint the Monarch butterfly, then a beautiful citrine crystal. The journal page is a painting of a fiercely protective fairy.

In the canvas painting we will explore an intuitive way to play with colors and then positioning our fairy where she needs to be. She carries a banishing stick to remove all evil.


The Location Fairy

The Location Fairy starts with a Swallowtail butterfly. The painting of the crystal was done by acrylic paints and inks in a very fluid way that creates an illusion of transparency. it’s a beautiful technique and I think you will love it. The journal page is a fairy flying over a town at night, looking for the right place to land.  In the canvas, the swallow is the fairy’s guide.


The Timing Fairy

In the first week we have created the Forrester butterfly in a journal page. In our second week we learned color washes that created beautiful fall leaves and morning dew drops. Our final project was a Timing fairy watercolor painting.


the-joy-fairyThe Joy Fairy

We will create the sun and moon journal page, the image of balance and joy . Our canvas Fairy is the fairy that sits up in the clouds or hide in the clouds of star flower, and sprinkles fairy dust over a Christmas Village. The bonus lesson includes creating a rubber stamp you can use over and over again.




the-success-fairyThe Success Fairy

This month Fairy we start painting a colorful butterfly in our journal page, and then create another colorful piece starting with a bright background and then add our Fairy face with flowers. Our final piece is a resolute fairy holding a staff. For a bonus lesson we created a Valentine’s Day Card.



Comm FairyThe Communication Fairy

We start by painting a moth in a journal, and then another journal page – creating a Fairy Family Tree. The final project on a  small wooden board is a Fairy sitting on three cups. The bonus lesson is decorating a phone cover with a butterfly.






Love fairy sumThe Love fairy

In the Love Fairy we will create a dragonfly page, the a double page of love, playing with different color scheme that work well together. The final project on a small canvas is a fairy flying n a bird.



The Fairy of Courage

  The Fairy of Courage

The Fairy of Courage is actually the Mermaid Fairy. She is very brave and she stories the seas. She might look relaxed but inside she harnesses a great deal of strength.

In this month we will create a journal page of a fairy sitting on a throne, guarded by a sea horse, then we will create a mixed media canvas, and lastly, we will create a fairy using a stock image on a pair, and then create a frame around it from a small stretched canvas.


The Wellness FairyThe Wellness Fairy

The Wellness Fairy teaches us how to be well, how to be conscientious of our body, and treat it well. She wants us to be mindful of what is going on inside of us and pay attention to inner cues. She wants us to thrive as the whole beings that we are. We will complete two projects, one with watercolor and one a mixed media project on board. The bonus lesson is making of a Kefir, which is an old recipe that came from the east and helps to heal your body.

The Creativity FairyThe Creativity Fairy

The Creativity Fairy is our last fairy and she  beams with abundance of creativity. She does not want you to have any stops when it comes to making your dreams come true and visualizing all the possibilities in your life. This fairy is still in the process to be complete.

We will create a journal page full of colorful butterflies using inks and watercolors. Then we will make a fairy surrounded by luscious flowers. The last project is a fairy surrounded by her dreams, the bonus lesson is making dream stone mantras.

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Student”s Work – hover cursor over image to see student’s name


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