Learn How to Express Creatively

ExpressionsI have created this class about three years ago, and it has been now here since then as a stand alone class that you can work on in your time. It contains about 41 videos and has three main sections. You will start with learning how to draw a portrait, with all its individual part and then try different angles and positions of the face. Then you will move onto hands, and lastly, composition. You will learn about different colors schemes, hand positions, compositions on the page that is pleasing to the observer, and you will also learn to do this with deferent styles of creating. This class would be most suitable for the advanced beginner, someone who has been painting portraits, but would like to add different expressions to it and also add hands to complete the emotional expression of the painting. You will create with pencil drawings, collage and more expressive paint projects that will help you find your own way to create. In all and all this is a very encompassing class, so get ready to dig in deep. The videos are available to download and the workshop has a lifetime access.


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Part one

we will start with sketches to play with a proportion of a face in different positions, different looks and eye expressions. Then we will paint a face in with a simple palate choosing only three colors, which include black and white, to learn how the tone creates shape and correct proportions of a face. Next we will choose another face to learn how to create an extensive pallet of choosing only 5 or 6 colors. We will also learn how to use color theory to create vibrant lifelike composition of a face that has depth.

Part two

Expressive hands,  – In a similar fashion with which we created faces, we will learn how to build a lifelike hand with sketches and paint. First we start with making an extensive vocabulary of hand positions to become familiar with a movement of a hand. Then we will choose couple different hand positions. Painting a hand is much like painting a face, you will learn how to build layers of color to create depth and vibrancy of a hand.

Part three

Express everything. In this part we will put it all together, first start will a playful background and create some layers to see if it will spark an idea or a story we want to tell, we can also use journalling and certain prompts, or look at pictures for inspiration. We will use the idea or a story to build a composition of a face with a hand or what ever else might need to be included. We will learn how to create a whole painting using color, composition and background together to tell our story.

What you will need – Supply list 

1. Sheets of paper, any sketch paper will do, to practice sketching

2. Heavier paper for mixed media painting or sketching, I use Strathmore 98lb paper you can find on Amazon, I like the size 18″ x 24″, but any size you are comfortably will do.

3. Pencil, I like HB pencil to draw with. Experiment with different softness and hardness and see which will work best

4. Erasers,  I like a variety of them, softer, harder, pink or white, they all seam to work a little different. I also like the softer eraser, because they smudge better, instead of creating a hard edge. The thin retractable eraser by Tombow is very useful for creating highlight where I have put a shaded area or work on very small  areas, you can find in here.

5. Pencil sharpener, again, try different kinds, they all seam to work, or not work, I go through many of them, so I buy the cheapest ones.

6. Acrylic paints, for starters I would get Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, White and Paints Gray

You can also use watercolor set, I have used this simple one in the videos that you can purchase from Amazon    Loew Cornell 1021095 Simply Art Watercolor Cakes

7. And some brushes, try flat bristle brushes of three different sizes, small for, medium and large, and then one round brush for more detail work.

8. You can also get a canvas board for your final painting or stretched canvas.


Student’s work from this class




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What students say about the class

Renata’s class has been a wonderful learning experience! I know I speak for many when I say her style of painting and composition is awe inspiring …

While I’m a bit behind … I take comfort in knowing I can work at my leisure … and with every question I may have … it’s assuring to know Renata is always there to offer her support and guidance.

Thank you Renata for giving me the opportunity to virtually enter your studio, experience your artistic knowledge through your incredible teaching, and expand my creative journey with many new and exciting techniques!

– Joy Lamberti


I highly recommend this class. Renata is very generous with her process. Artists of all stages of experience will get a great deal out of this class !!

– Joan Lull Shapiro


I highly recommend this class. I am a class addict and Renata’s Expressions is a most incredible course. She chooses uniquely beautiful poses and her ability to work color is truly amazing. Renata’s videos are extremely informative with lots of real time teaching that allows the student to hear her thought process and even her ‘ah ha’ moments. Do yourself a favor and check it out no matter what level of artist you might be! This class and Renata are a joy!!

– Chrissie England


I have taken 2 classes with Renata, and they were both so inspiring as is she. Her lessons are full of content, and you get to follow her processes as she paints her own ideas and paintings. I would highly recommend any class of Renata’s

– Tammi Barlett


If you are considering this class, take it! It’s one of the most generous, helpful, comprehensive classes I have ever taken. And Renata is ultra talented and so encouraging.

– Lori Danyluk


I recommend this class to anyone who wants to create expressive drawings or paintings. Renata has created content rich lessons that will help the beginner as well as the experienced artist. The videos are excellent guidance that you will want to save and review again and again. In addition, Renata is the most responsive teacher I have found, as she encourages and advises her students. If you take this class, you will be amazed at what you learn to do!

– Karen Stallard Nowviskie


I took this class and I loved, loved it. It got me back to drawing again and also improving my skills. Thank you Renata for such an amazing class. You covered so much in so much detail. It’s a complete art course about faces and and hands. Well worth the cost.

– Eva Macie