Soulful Whimsy Workshop


This workshop is designed for anyone who loves to journal or anyone that is thinking about journalling, but feels a little inhibited by the process. I personally love journals and I am quite addicted to buying them. I have so many of them, I am starting to run out of space to store them. I have actually journaled for as long as I can remember. My mom told me she found some of my journals stashed in the closet when she was cleaning up, and did not now what to think of them. I actually never knew what prompted me to journal when I was little, but I think that recording my life or expressing through a thought written on a page, or cutting out clippings from a magazine was a good idea. I never thought of smearing a paint over the page at the time, but that came later.

I know how hard it can be to start in your journal when you are looking at the first white page, or how much we do not have the time for binding our pages together into a book. So creating a one page journal is a great idea. You could literally finish a journal in one day. I think it could also be a great way to start a new year.

So we are going to learn the process how to create a one page journal

  1. Learning how to open a shopping paper back and correct any torn parts that resulted in the process

2.   Preparing our pages, we will have two pages to start with, and we will finish both of them       differently

3. Using stencils, paints, sponges, sprays, inks ephemera, pencils and what ever else you might have on hand to add to our pages

4. Then we will cut our page in a way that we can fold our journal, this could be done in few different ways

5. I will give you prompts on how to fill our journal with images that will evolve into our won personal story. We will complete 3 different pages

6. We will create a cover for a journal.

7. Bonus lesson – painting into a mini journal.

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What can you expect.

When you sign up you will be directed into a page with your supplies, but most of the things that we will be using, you will probably already have on hand. Most importantly, you will need any size paper bag from shopping. I have plenty of them from Whole Foods, but I have used the smallest bags as well.

Unfortunately here is no refund for the class, so please make sure you read everything carefully to find out if this class is right for you. This class is suitable for anyone, because it is designed a a class for self expression and finding your own story through visual art.

When you sign up and receive your password, the class is yours and available to take indefinitely. You might also choose to participate in a Facebook group, if you are looking for more guidance or to connect with other classmates.