Serendipitous Moments

Last week we celebrated with yet another Friday around the Holidays with an Invitation Night in Newburyport. For three Fridays before Christmas the stores open their doors inviting their costumers to rejoice in gift giving – and buying with food and drinks. The streets are flooded with visitors and there is literally no place left to park. I was invited to paint in one of the venues and I gladly accepted. I am always happy to show my art and meet people in the process. It was nice to see so many people to come in and to be truly impressed by the process of painting. I also attracted lot of artists of course and was happy to exchange ideas of being a working artist. It was a really fun night, and though it always takes so long to prepare, the work is always worth it.

About two weeks ago I have found a beautiful print mounted on a board finished with an exquisite frame. I bought it for $10 and I thought what a steal. The artist of that painting is Kathryn White and I admire all her art.

It was hung on a wall in my studio and every day I was looking at it admiring the beautifully detailed rendering of flowers in a still life. I love painting flowers, but what striked me as the most beautiful was the birdcage painted with every painstaking detail. And of course, being a portrait artist,  I was looking at my print on the wall, and I suddenly realized, that it is missing a face. And so instantly, without even thinking too much about it, I placed it on my easel and with my brushes and paints, off I went, immersing myself into some imaginary world, where birds, flowers, faces and cages coexist together. I have taken my painting to work on our Invitation Friday night and then couple of days she is finally finished. I am very happy with her, and now she is waiting to find a new home…….

With Love and Light


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