Paint Your Heart and Soul

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The “Paint your heart and Soul 2017” is a year-long collaborative course with 17 other amazing teachers, mostly concentrated on Portraiture and Figurative Story Telling, narrative art. By joining this course you will learn to create art in different styles as well as use a variety of different mediums and other art supplies.

The course is for beginners and for experienced artists, both will find it effective and inspirational.

I’m especially excited about this opportunity because this course’s theme is something that is represented in my art.

To find out more about this course Click here to view more details

Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers

I remember when I was growing up in Czech republic, I noticed a lot of butterflies everywhere. I am not sure if it was because I visited my grandmother in the country often, and they were mostly there, on flowers or in the fields, or because I just grew up and I pay more attention to other things. One thing is for sure, I miss the magic and I want to be surrounded by it again. And my workshop starts in 10 days from now, so exciting.

And on top of that, our Heartfull Soul Artist collective I am part of on Facebook is having an Auction dedicated just to the butterflies. It is called Papillon. If you would like to join, it start on July 7th at noon and ends July 8th at noon. The link is here.


BFF Giveaway

I always wanted to paint butterflies, but they were somewhat intimidating. I would look at their wings and just sort of copied what I saw, not sure if it really looked right. It almost seemed like there was more to what the eye could really see. And so I have decided to really look at their wings closely. I wanted to learn more about the butterfly, and of course, the fairies and the flowers. The BFF class (Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers ) will start by painting the butterflies, and we will use different ways to get familiar with constructing their wings. I actually found the process fascinating.

I took a trip to a town couple days ago and visited the bookshop there. I found a butterfly journal, so of course I had to get it. The pages are smooth and thick and surprisingly sturdy for mixed media and so I have decided to order another one and gift this journal to one of the students that signs up to the BFF workshop. I will do the Draw on July 6, since I am going with the 6’s, and that way the lucky winner will get it in time before the class. I will add a set of Windsor&Newton markers as well.

Here is a short video explaining what markers I use in the class and why.

The ones I used are

Tombow markers

Prismacolors markes

Windsor&Newton Markers

I also forgot Copic Markers. Really, any mater would do, because we will make them work !


Happy Creating

Happy Birthday to Me

Blue Butterfly FairyThat was the first thing I wrote into my journal today, and I am also very excited, because I met my deadline to launch the sign up for my BFF Workshop that is starting on July 16. It will be a whole year of creating and getting really up close and personal with Butterflies, Fairies and Flowers. Three subjects that have always been very dear to me. And so I have decided to put them together. I think what is so wonderful about this is, not only you will have something wonderful to work with, but also you will have a chance or an opportunity to work with colors, blending and composing them together. Learning how composition works on a canvas and also have an opportunity to be really creatively playful, working with different mediums. I wanted to make it into a year of exploration.  And this is the gift I wanted to give myself, this whole years package of exploration.

Now of course you could take only one class at the time, each month, starting July 16, there will be a new Fairy, Butterfly or Flower to work wit, but then, if you want to do all 12, you will get an amazing discount – more then 50%. And to top it of, I will do even better then that, for the next 6 days, because I like 6 so much. (my birthday is today as of 6/16/16), I am selling this workshop for 20% off and, if you share this post on my Facebook post about my workshop, you will enter to win a free spot for the whole year BFF Workshop.

Happy Creating!

more info here

The full workshop is  $150, click here.

To purchase just one workshop at $35, click here

Bff Workshop

I have always been very drawn to painting butterflies, fairies and flowers. I loved to butterflies for their pretty wings speckled with beautiful colors. Later I have found out that they represented transformation, in the same way a cocoon transforms into a beautiful butterfly by shedding it’s ugly casing.

And Fairies, they just represented a world to me that is filled with magic. Sometimes that world seams very accessible, and sometimes it just feels so far away, but I can still believe that it’s there. Some fairies are filled with light, and some have many gifts. Some can just poke fun at you, and sometimes they can be pretty nasty too. But it just seams like it’s all meant to provoke us to wake up magic. And fairies like flowers, I think they really feel best surrounded by flowers, and they love to adorn themselves with butterfly wings too, so they can move around faster.

And so I was drawn to this whole world of fairies, it almost felt like an escape, I wanted to paint my own fairy world and small little canvases. I started with these tiny stretched canvas squares, because fairies are pretty small, and they tend to be imperceptible to the eye.

And then it occurred to me that this could be a fun project for anyone one to create, so I decide to transform it into a workshop. I wanted to make many fairies, and it would be hard hard to fit them all into one workshop, so I thought why not just making separate project and give people an option to sign up for all 10 at a discount.

The first project will start July 16. Through the next three weeks you will receive three sets of videos, each set could be 2-3 videos about 30 minutes in length. The first set will be on painting butterflies, in a journal or starting your own personal butterfly deck. The second set will be on starting a background on the substrate of your choice, and painting flowers. Each month there will be a different flower and background to lear. And the third set will be about finding out about our fairy and setting her into our background, and then coloring her in. You can use clippings form magazines or you can draw her in and then use your own set of wings that you have learned how to paint. There really are many possibilities on how to work with this.

I think this will be a fun class and I hope you will join me, for just one time, or the whole year. If you sign up for the 10 months, you will also receive a bonus lesson on how you can reproduce your projects into cards or prints that can then be mounted into an artwork.

You can now Purchase the whole year of creating Butterflies, Fairies, and Flowers here.

To purchase just one class, the first being The Fairy of Abundance, click here.

Attaching your paper artwork to a hard surface.

Hello Everyone,

Happy Thursday, I was asked by a friend if I could help her attach a paper painting or a print to a cradle board, or any other hard surface. That way your painting can be hung on a wall, and does not have to be framed. So I decided to make a video, because I am so much better at doing than talking🙂

The supply list for things you will need

Your painting or print

Scissors, pencil

Gesso, brushes, colors of choice that will match the color scheme of the artwork

Matte medium, Soft gel

Tissue paper, if you have used it in your artwork, like I did

By the way, the artwork I am using will be available to bid on in our June online auction

Woodland Wonders on June 3rd.

Looking for Expression

I think I started my Expressions Class back in February this year and now it’s May. So little embarrassed to say, it has taken over three months to compete it, and today I have finally uploaded the final video. It is in the portrait that I tried to paint in the style of Wabi-sabi.

Wabi-sabi is described as the art of beauty and imperfection. It denotes asymmetry, melancholy, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes. It’s aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

So here she is, let me know if I succeeded.

Wabi Sabi portrait.jpg

The Expressions Class is back on sale

I feel like I have been literally buried in a deep  rabbit hole of a cyber space, or maybe a Twilight Zone. I promised everyone that I will be opening my inline workshop for sign up again on April 1st, but for the life of me I could not get the buy button post on my website. I talked to several consultants online to help me with it, tried to cut corners and sign up for different shopping carts, but nothing was the right solution. About 10 past midnight when I was feeling like I was already part of an nightmare, I realize that I was not. I was wide awake and willing to go two more hours to solve the problem, but I also realized that I was just being stuck in a labyrinth I did not know my way out of. So I just decided to pack my things and go to bed.

When I woke up, I made some coffee and of course grabbed my laptop again. I started reading through things, fishing for stuff I have missed. And then it suddenly the solution presented itself. Taking a completely different approach, the solutions are usually simple, and staring us straight in a face. As I finished my small little shop that was always there and I did not even know, I was able to post my class on line again, this time, I did not need a button, and here it is. Please sign up in here if you like.

Expressions Class $75 buy now

I had couple hours yesterday to finish my painting that I will be posting in Stephanie Gagos’s online auction this spring, you can join it in here if you wish.


Daydream Workshop in Sunny Estoril, Portugal 


With Olga Furman

And Renata Loree


Dates: Sat June 11 – Thu June 16 2017

6 days $1200


The price for the workshop is for the use of Art Paradise large studio that accommodates 15 people. We can use the studio inside or the terrace, and also the gardens and Tent that surround the house. The kitchen is fully equipped to prepare quick snack or lunch, coffee and tea available as well. We can explore the local markets an sites and walk down to the beach. We will take one day trip to Lisbon, where we can draw more inspiration for our creativity and take an opportunity to become more familiar with the surrounding culture and people that live in this vibrant culturally rich environment.

Students are responsible for their transportation, meals and accommodations. One day trip to Lisbon is included in your price. We will also provide you with your canvas. The studio has brushes, pencils and sketch paper, but we recommend bringing your own paints that you are familiar with.

Please visit the site Art Paradice Portugal, for more information and accommodations. The studio accommodates 5 people to sleep in shared rooms for a very reasonable price, but they are hotels around available. You can contact me with any questions you need answered at


This is an intense and high energy workshop with much to offer to all student/artists levels, but you might want to look into our artwork to decide if this is what you want to learn.

We will teach you how to paint an illusion, a dreamy surrealistic and soulful artwork from your own heart, and create art that tells a story.

We’re going to work on canvas and in journals, with acrylics, inks and some dry media.(full art supply list will be  provided at check out)

As for now the workshop planned as described below, but it could change slightly.

We are going to work on two canvases that we will rotate with each subject change. This will give you more opportunity to learn the same subject from two different perspective. At the end of the workshop you will have two separate works of art, probably completely different.

Day 1


  1. Mapping the features and learning proportions of face

2. Tips and “tricks” for easy “reading” of the reference for applying different values

3. Learning a technique which helps to transform a sketch into a monochromatic painting

Day 2

Painting Backgrounds

Explore and experiment with different techniques to create interesting backgrounds that achieve depth and perspective.

Learn about elements of art and apply it into our backgrounds.

We will share with you my favorite palette and together we will find your palette or discover

a new one! We are going to use different mediums and unexpected tools to create our marks!

Day 3

Exploring Lisbon for inspiration

Sketching on premises in our journals and taking photos for future reference

Day 4


1. Learn principles of design and apply it in into composition, while sketching it in our journals

2. Find and make your own references and mold it into your composition

3. Choose two compositions from journals and sketch it into backgrounds from day 2

4. Creative an intuitive background from the freedom of your creative flow and then choose key areas for your composition.

Day 5


We’re going to paint our soul out!

Olga will teach you how to create a soft, dreamy and mysterious atmosphere,

and how to make your painting interesting and remarkable by using different techniques.

Renata will show you how to create a character story in your artwork and then add other ellements to make it more interesting and vibrant.

Day 6

Tile painting with instructor and host Margarida

Open studio with my full assistance

Optional Day 7 – 8

Stay for 2 more days to work on your projects with our guidance.

You can stay for 6 days or 8. We have an early bird option to sign up at a discount, after March 14 the price will increase to &1200 for 6 days and $1450 for 8 days.

6 Days $1,200.00 USD


My New Online Course

Expressions Class from Renata Loree on Vimeo.

Expressions.jpgI have been working on this now for three days, trying to really put attention to every little detail on how it will run. I would like to give an option to purchase individual subparts, to the would course, which I think will be lot of fun. If you are already good at drawing and painting hands and faces, please, jump right into Expressing Everything. If you would like to only work on hands, because that is not your strength, then do just Expressive hands course. Or you can purchase Expressive Faces and Hands together. All the detail are below.

You can purchase the complete class for $75   The registration is now closed till April 1st

The Class will start with Expressive Faces – March 15

Expressive Hands – March 22

Express Everything – March 29

If you are interested in joining a Facebook group for sharing your work and getting feedback, it will be included.

I hope you will join me in March