Life Book 2016

When I first started seriously painting again, every day, I would post pictures on Facebook. I would get a great response from my friends cheering me on. That was about 4 years ago. Soon I was getting to know more friends with similar interests and my yoga community was somewhat pushed aside by my increasing creative community. I soon started getting to know more and more teachers and started taking their classes on line, and that is how I found Lifebook. Lifebook was created by wonderfully talented artist and a community leader Tamara Laporte. It gives a whole year of classes from 24 amazing teachers. This year line up is just as amazing as ever and I am part of it. It seams like a dream come true. Not only am I so grateful for being able to participate and heal my soul through Lifebook, but now I am being able to give back to a wonderful community.

Registration starts on October 5th, but each teacher will post a bloghop to give away one free subscription, so please, watch out for it. I hope you join us next year, here is the link, if you would like to find out more about it.

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